Who We Are

A Somali institution to combat climate change, combat poverty and create jobs. Develop solar technology and introduce resilient water resources initiatives

Climate Change

Climate change is caused by Global Warming and presents a threat to life on earth and human survival. Climate change manifestations include drought, famine, flooding and sea level rise. Climate change is caused mainly by people burning fossil fuels and putting out heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere

Climate Change Consequences - Poverty

In East Africa climate induced cycle of drought, flooding and famine puts human survival at a great risk. It renders a livelihood based in livestock and farming impossible thus creating large number of displaced people with no national governments with the ability to care for them.

The extreme poverty in Somalia which is in part a consequence of climate change caused by other nations actions needs to be addressed by Somali Government through competent institutions and national narrative 

Climate Energy Water Institute

Combat Climate Change


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Who We Are

A Somali institution to combat climate change, combat poverty and create jobs. Develop solar technology and introduce resilient water resources initiatives

How the World Is Fighting Climate Change

In 2015 the world gathered in Paris and agree to fight Climate Change viewed as a thread to human survival. The main theme in combatting climate change was to support mitigation actions that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by: 

developing renewable energy;
implementing energy efficiency and; 
promoting sustainable transport. 

The second theme was to support adaptation actions that address the impacts of climate change

Climate Change - Somalia

Climate change in Somalia is a national security prerogative. A recent report “ Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment” warned that Somalia is going through a climate emergency with a cycle of drought and flooding that are devastating to country’s livestock and farming sectors. 

Somalia is under the Paris Agreement  and needs to live up to its obligations and align its developmental goals with its committed National Determined Contributions (NDC.) Somalia needs also to build  credible national institutions to cooperate with the rest of the world in combatting climate change and in accessing climate financing available to developing nations

Who We Are

A Somali institution to combat climate change, combat poverty and create jobs. Develop solar technology and introduce resilient water resources initiatives


CEWI Role to Combat Climate Change

CEWInstitute’s role to combat climate change is to support Paris Agreement themes of mitigation an adaptation by: 

Establishing a national institution that trains solar energy industry professionals, promotes research, and develops distributed renewable energy systems to mitigate climate change and; 

Developing tools and training for climate resilient water resources as means to adopt climate change’s  devastating effects


Paris Agreement 2015

The 2015 Paris Agreement promised funding of USD 100 billion annual target from developed countries to developing countries. Somalia has access to this funding and other billions of dollars through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. CEWI is a national institution with the capacity to cooperate with the global community in fighting climate change

Climate Change Financing

Globally, the world has committed billions of dollars through climate financing. According to Paris based REN21, Preliminary data indicate that in 2019, climate finance totaled between USD 608 billion and USD 622 billion. The latest breakdown (2020) of climate finance shows that renewable energy projects received USD 337 billion on average, representing almost 60% of all climate finance

Climate Energy Water Institute

CEWI is developing solar technology in Somalia as it is recognized  globally the best way to fight climate change, create jobs and combat poverty 

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