Energy and Climate Change


1: Solar PV Training

Program Name: Solar PV Installer Specialist (PVIS)
Total Hours: 300 hours
Course Duration: 10 weeks ( ~ 3 months)

3: Solar PV Technology Development

Put together a team of Solar PV Installer Specialists
Install residential and commercial pilot projects
Launch business models that reflect local realities

Dried Soil

2: Climate Change

Pilot Project #1: Install solar rooftop into a small residential house 
Pilot Project  #2: Install solar rooftop into mid size hotel or commercial building 
Evaluate pilot projects carbon reduction & jobs created

4: Energy Research Projects

Research Study #1: Mogadishu power generation status
Research Study #2: Galmudug power generation status

Environment and Water Resources

Training 1: Shabelle River Water Measurements

The focus of the training is to teach Somali professionals how to measure the daily flows of the Juba and Shabelle Rivers

Training 3: Soil Water Conservation

 The training covers soil erosion by water and wind. The training has a climate change adaptation component.

Training 2: Rainwater Harvesting

The focus of the training is to teach Somali professionals on how to conserve rainwater for the dry seasons.

Project 1: Shabelle River Management and Planning

Due to upstream dam constructions for hydropower development and water use for irrigation projects in Ethiopia, the amount of water available for Somalia is decreasing. To address the water  shortage problems of the Shabelle River, river basin water management and planning  project is required.

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